Advent Calendar Ideas


Anyone else feeling really Christmassy way earlier than usual this year? I don’t know if it’s the sudden drop in temperature or the crappy news making us all yearn for cheery festivities, but I can tell you that over here we’re in danger of peaking too soon. We spent all day at a Christmas Fair at Knebworth House, we’ve wolfed down Chocolate Yule Logs and Mince Pies (gimme Viennesse topped mince pies every day of the goddamn year, please). Come December 24th  I’m gonna be rocking to and fro behind the Christmas tree coveting Pimms and BBQs. That said…I’m well and truly championing the Christmas spirit right now and I’m SO excited to fill Luna’s advent calendar. I thought I’d put together some gift & filling suggestions for you all, I know there’ll be a few people outraged that there aren’t gifts included with them but hey…I’m a one girl band I canny do it all, folks!

There are so many ways to fill this calendar, some are budget ideas, some are a little more pricey, pick any of the list below and you’re sorted. (List covers all ages from kids through to adults, I am not suggesting bottles of the good stuff for your 2 year old, though I ain’t judging)

  • Bag of toy dinosaurs/farm animals/zoo animals found at Wilkos or most supermarkets. There’s at least 10 in there so you’re sorted for nearly half of the month!
  • Crayons
  • Transfer tattoos
  • Finger Puppets
  • Bubbles
  • Small racing cars/trains
  • Hair accessories; see Young Double, Bluelle Scrunchies for the BEST.
  • A good ol’ YoYo
  • Rattle and small wooden toys, see Claude & Co, Bonne Nuit
  • Gloves (pouches may not fit adult sized gloves!)
  • Socks (pouches may not fit adult sized socks!), see A Little Bit Milo.
  • Chocolate (OBVS)
  • Boxes of raisins (for the smaller ones)
  • ORANGES, there has to be at least ONE orange.
  • Homemade cookies wrapped in clingfilm or sandwich bags to stay fresh.
  • LEGO minifigures, you could buy an entire Lego building kit and split it over the 24 days!
  • Fridge magnets or make your own magnet kits!
  • Miniature bottles of alcohol
  • Make up and fragrance samples (I worked for a well- known fragrance brand and let me tell you now…they are well stocked with samples. Go and bloody ask for them, they can spare them!) which takes me too…
  • Make-up and perfume! (the real deal)
  • Pins, they’re having a moment aren’t they! See Land and Furrow, Bloody Nora Pam, Mere Soeur.
  • Miniature cheeses (obviously keep refrigerated and add to calendar on the day)
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Jokes and riddles!
  • Stationary, you’ve gotta go to Studio NL for this, FYI.
  • Miniature pickle jars/sauces/oils
  • Packets of flower seeds/chilli plant seeds
  • Miniature Sudoku or other brain training books, could just be a print out of a few rather than an entire book?
  • Miniature books!
  • Tickets; comedy gigs, music, admission tickets for days out


I also really like the idea of filling it with a little more substance, the links below cover a whole host of ideas that involve activities rather than objects and most have downloadable printouts, too:


So there you have it! Pinterest brings up a minefield of ideas and to be honest you can add as you go along, too. Happy Advent Calendar-ing. Share your suggestions!

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